Sunny Lane Real Estate Group Joins SOCO

When it comes to finding the perfect brokerage to call home, Sunny Lane Real Estate Group has found their match

Q: What ultimately made your team decide to join the SOCO Advisory group?

A: We immediately knew that the energetic, welcoming and collaborative environment at SOCO Advisory was the perfect place for Sunny Lane Real Estate Group to call home! We are excited to work alongside Cindy, Keith and Cody, given their reputations and success in the industry, as well the wealth of knowledge and experiences that they provide, along with their team members.

Q: What are the values you saw in SOCO Advisory that maybe you didn’t see with another brokerage?

A: The focus on building a community-driven brokerage. SOCO is made up of experienced real estate professionals who value collaboration, open-mindedness and the willingness to learn and share knowledge.

Q: How do you see your team growing in 2024 by having now joined SOCO Advisory?

A:  We are excited about the tools, resources, and support at SOCO that will allow us to focus on serving our current and future clients at the highest possible level.

Q: How do you see associating with other new fellow team members at this brokerage as beneficial to your team?

A: It enables us to share ideas and engage in brainstorming sessions based on each other’s unique experiences in the Austin-area market. Additionally, the constant communication within the SOCO teams keeps everybody up-to-date on the latest market activity and news, which is essential for staying informed and agile in a dynamic real estate landscape.

Q: How does SOCO Advisory support your team’s growth and development?

A: The members of SOCO Advisory Group actively promote each other’s listings and accomplishments, fostering a collaborative and encouraging environment that boosts visibility and success. We also share feedback, providing valuable insights and advice when sought, which enhances our professional development. Additionally, our charming bungalow office in the heart of the Bouldin neighborhood creates an inspiring and productive workspace, contributing to our overall growth and camaraderie within the group.

Q: What specific resources does SOCO Advisory offer to support your business that you didn’t have before?

A: The exceptional leadership of Cindy Greenwood and Keith Trigaci provides valuable guidance and strategic direction. Their great reputation in the industry enhances our credibility and opens doors to new opportunities. Additionally, the ever-growing rolodex of agents and local vendors within the SOCO network expands our own network, facilitating collaborations and connections in a new way. The synergy within the group keeps everyone in sync and motivated, which is crucial in navigating the ever-changing real estate market with confidence and enthusiasm.

Q: What are the 3 adjectives you would use to describe the SOCO Advisory group?

A: Collaborative, Supportive, Energetic

Q: How does your team seek to bring value to the SOCO Advisory group, as a whole?

A: Our team brings value to SOCO Advisory Group through our industry involvement, growing online presence, and strong marketing skills. Our good reputations and over a decade as Austin residents build trust with clients, and our deep understanding of the local market ensures informed decision-making. These qualities collectively enhance the group’s competitiveness and success in Austin’s real estate market.

Q: What are the non-negotiables or the unique service your team seeks to offer clients through SOCO Advisory?

A: We are wholeheartedly committed to delivering a tailored, premium experience to each of our valued clients. Our mission is to show them that the process of buying and selling real estate can be smooth and stress-free, and we’re equally dedicated to nurturing these relationships for the long term.

Q: What’s in the making for 2024 now that you’ve joined an indestructible  group? 

A: We are so excited to see what’s ahead for Sunny Lane Real Estate Group and SOCO Advisory! We will bring our unwavering commitment, expertise, and innovative strategies to the table, ensuring our clients receive nothing short of exceptional service. Together, SOCO is poised to conquer new horizons and achieve remarkable success in the Austin real estate market!


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