Builder Spotlight: Paradisa Homes

Our top priority at Paradisa Homes is to design and build a space that inspires the truest sense of home for every client we serve.


Paradisa Homes has undertaken a remarkable journey since its establishment in 2011. Initially focused on
building homes across the United States, the company shifted its focus to the local market in Austin,
Texas. This transition led to the formalization of their specialization under the name “Paradisa Homes.”
Over the years, Paradisa Homes has revitalized communities across Austin, building invaluable
relationships and expertise. They have established a reputation for constructing high-quality, efficient
custom homes in Austin’s most sought-after areas. Noteworthy milestones include the construction of their first subdivision, Scenic Point, which consisted of 50 homes. Additionally, Paradisa Homes completed their first custom-built residence and has since constructed over 15 custom homes in the Austin area. In 2018, they expanded their capabilities and took on the role of a general contractor, showcasing their versatility and commitment to growth. In 2021, Paradisa Homes expanded into a new market outside of Austin by developing a 22-lot infrastructure in Fredericksburg, Texas. Their journey culminates in 2022, as they began construction on Austin’s largest spec home and introduced a new market for the city with $20 million spec homes. Looking ahead to 2023, Paradisa Homes will be granted approval for a site plan for the development of their 144-unit multifamily project.


Paradisa Homes prides itself on being more than just a homebuilder; they are a trusted name with deep
roots in Austin. With years of experience and a dedicated team of real estate agents, architects, designers, and construction professionals, Paradisa Homes ensures a stress-free home buying process. Their commitment to providing exceptional service and craftsmanship ensures that clients find the perfect home to live their best life in.

Paradisa Homes has received glowing reviews from satisfied homeowners:
“In February 2021, my wife and I bought a home from Paradisa Homes. Everyone at the company was
very professional, and the end product turned out spectacular. We are so happy!” – Habib E.
“We built a house with them a year ago, which was completed in a very expeditious manner. Excellent
team overall with in-house architecture design consultant and site manager who were very responsive to
our concerns and needs. Thorough follow-up addressed the minor repairs and adjustments necessary after move-in. Highly recommend!” – Ned Radich

Paradisa Homes has established itself as a premier homebuilding company, redefining luxury living in
Austin, Texas. With a commitment to comfort, quality, and style, Paradisa Homes creates homes that
inspire and exceed expectations. Their decade-long journey, remarkable milestones, and dedication to
exceptional service have positioned them as a trusted name in Austin’s architecture landscape. Whether it’s

a contemporary masterpiece or a timeless classic, Paradisa Homes is the builder that can turn your dream into a reality, offering the perfect space to live your best life in Austin, Texas.


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