A Q&A with Cody Julian of The Julian Team

Joining the SOCO Advisory Group: A Fresh Venture for The Julian Team

Q: What ultimately made your team decide to join the SOCO Advisory group?

A: We chose to join the SOCO Advisory Group because of its exceptional leadership team, led by Cindy Greenwood and Keith Trigaci. Their expertise and stellar reputation were a compelling reason for our decision. In addition, there’s a very special type of energy with this group that could not be found anywhere else. 

Q: What are the values you saw in SOCO Advisory that maybe you didn’t see with another brokerage?

A: SOCO embodies the most important values that we hold close to our heart – 1) exceptional client service, 2) a sense of community amongst the agents and a lack of ego 3) giving back to our Austin community 4) having fun along the way

Q: How do you see your team growing in 2024 by having now joined SOCO Advisory?

A: The Julian Team is looking for agents to join us in our mission to uplevel the home buying and selling experience for our clients. We feel that SOCO Advisory Group offers The Julian Team the perfect platform for strategic and thoughtful growth in 2024 and beyond! The resources and support here will enable us to expand our reach and serve more clients effectively.

Q: How do you see associating with other new fellow team members at this brokerage as beneficial to your team?

A: As mentioned previously, the larger SOCO Advisory team was a primary reason for us to make the move. There’s just something special with this team and we’re excited to collaborate and learn from each other, fostering a supportive environment that elevates everyone’s success.

Q: How does SOCO Advisory support your team’s growth and development?

A: SOCO Advisory provides robust support for our team’s growth and development through direct mentorship, easy broker access, marketing and technology resources, and an amazing culture which empowers us to excel! 

Q: What specific resources does SOCO Advisory offer to support your business that you didn’t have before?

A: SOCO Advisory offers an array of resources, including cutting-edge technology tools like Follow-Up Boss and Canva to marketing support, access to a vast network of industry experts and an amazing bungalow office in Bouldin. All of these things combined give us an edge we didn’t have before.

Q: What are the 3 adjectives you would use to describe the SOCO Advisory group?

A: Innovative, collaborative, and community-driven – these three adjectives perfectly describe the SOCO Advisory Group’s dynamic and forward-thinking approach to brokerage.

Q: How does your team seek to bring value to the SOCO Advisory group, as a whole?

A: Cody brings a background in corporate marketing and sales enablement along with a proven track record in the real estate industry. In his 4 years as a Realtor, he has assisted over 200 clients and closed over $65M in transaction volume. His clients appreciate his casual but attentive and data-driven approach to real estate. Jackie Smith comes from a commercial real estate background with 3 years of experience in property management and tenant services before joining The Julian Team in 2022. Our team aims to bring value to SOCO Advisory Group by sharing our experience, unique insights and collaborative spirit to support the collective success and growth of the brokerage.

Q: What are the non-negotiables or the unique service your team seeks to offer clients through SOCO Advisory?

A: At SOCO Advisory, we are committed to delivering unmatched client service, with a focus on personalized solutions, local expertise, and a dedication to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Q: What’s in the making for 2024 now that you’ve joined an indestructible  group? 

A: With the support of the SOCO Advisory Group, we’re excited to embark on new ventures in 2024, including more community give-back initiatives, additional growth for our team through hiring and branding opportunities.


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